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Modern George Freestanding Bathtub


George Freestanding Bathtub No Tap Hole in Ceramilux Glossy White w/ Bohemian Kaki Leather Exterior & Glossy Copper Trim

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180 x 110 x 51.5 centimeters
Ceramilux, Leather, Metal, Solid Surface
Oak, Bleached Oak, Solid Skin Oak, Grey Canaletto, Natural Walnut, Canaletto Walnut, Walnut Burned, Walnut Brown, Grey Oak, Wenge
Interior: White. Exterior: White, Pavillon Grey, Rain, London Grey, Exclusive Grey, Graphite, Black, Hemp, Sand, Clay, Ottawa Beaver, Argilla, Iron, Green Commodore, Mud, Mink, Blue Powder, Aviation, Fes Blue, Cedar, Powder, Agave Green, Bromo Grey

With or Without Tap Holes.
180 x 110 x 51.5 centimeters